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Talent concept 

Human resources are the first important resources in corporate development in the long run. To know and assign employees appropriately and give full scope to talents is a staffing concept which KCD has been always following. 

Talent strategy is always an important component of KCD’s corporate development strategy; “to know and assign employees appropriately and give full scope to talents” are KCD’s staffing tenet; and “to absorb and develop talents” are KCD’s consistent policy and core of KCD’s talent strategy. Top talents have laid a solid foundation for KCD to pioneer in the industry as it grows. 


KCD has three vital corporate goals: “to be an enterprise in which employees grow the fastest”, “to make KCD’s undertakings all employees’ undertakings”, and “to constantly create successful chances for customers, shareholders and employees”. The three goals are closely combined with the company’s HR goals, highlighting the position of human resources in KCD’s whole strategy. 


The core of KCD’s talent strategy is “people-oriented”. It takes talents as its highest capital and advocates common development of employees and enterprise. It believes that every employee desires for respect and realization of self-value. Therefore, the company actively advocates the company culture of “people-oriented, guaranteed by system, based on team, equality and trust” and implements it in its talent strategy. 


KCD’s staff concept is to introduce talents without sticking to one pattern. Those who identify KCD’s corporate value of “pursuit of truth, innovation, loyalty and devotion”, have strong aggressiveness, endeavor to reach working goals and personal career goals, and possess concept of reasonable pursuit of career, have outstanding capacity of thinking and tackling problems, open in ideology, seek innovation while coming down to earth, and have rich knowledge in special areas are our highlights in pursuit. 


Employee’s development occupies a remarkable position in KCD’s HR strategy. KCD is more concerned with what chances of development and what platform it supplies for each employee rather than how good treatment it grants its employees with. It is more concerned with cultivation of one’s capacity of survival in severe condition so as to forge employees to be powerful in real means.